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user friendly desktop PCB router & Inline PCB router for cutting panels of various dimensions

Jun 25 , 2021

user friendly desktop PCB router & Inline PCB router for cutting panels of various dimensions

available with custom fixtures, the desktop PCB router models and dual table PCB routers introduced by Fusen are ideal for high precision cutting of panels.

The factory has introduced the desktop PCB routerthat comes with custom fixtures to meet the requirements of the industrial clients. by adjusting just four screws, an operator can easily set up custom fixtures without any delay and without any risk of a wrong setup. We have two desktop models, available with desktop robots for cutting panels. With a user-friendly programming, there is no need to learn the complicated programming language in order to operate the router. The router is fitted with a vacuum system for an efficient removal of the dust and debris from under the board.

Our dual table PCB depaneling routeris designed for cutting panels into separate parts. With a top speed of 60000RPM, it can easily cut panels of thicknesses 1-3mm. The machine also features ESD static monitoring to ensure accurate and rapid programming. The router also features adjustable transmission speed. The machine can also be equipped with the explosion proof function of the vacuum cleaner.

besides PCB routers, our factory also specializes in the production of the FPC laser cutting machinethat is remarkable for its fast and accurate cutting. With high precision and accurate positioning capabilities, the machine saves a lot of time in industries. With a friendly interface, simple operation and small in size, it can be used for a rigorous cutting and which can also save space in the manufacturing facility.

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